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Your brain is a little weird.

And that's totally normal!

Those eyes. Those curves. Those... neurons?

Get all 15 inches of pure, brainy, squishy delight. (Or don't. We all make terrible, life altering decisions.)


50% of Brain's Profits go to support mental health research & educational programming.

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A Plushie With A Purpose

Brain is proud to support:

Your Pet Brain is a super huggable, mega-handy household friend...

Napping Pal

Laptop Desk

Sibling Torpedo

Reading Desk



Study Buddy

Teaching Buddy

World's Best Hugger

... Who's ridiculous enough to make you laugh, right when you need it.

(What more valuable pet could you possibly own?!)

So... what's it gonna take...

to get you into a sweet new brain pet?


On the fence?
Choose your very own pitch-person:

What Smart Cookies Like You Are Saying About Brain:

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Now, when you purchase your own Pet Brain, you'll receive 5 weeks unlimited access to the full MedCircle library, including videos, articles and live classes with psychologists and psychiatrists—absolutely Free.

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Okay, okay... What's This all about?

How would our world change if a Million more people were no longer suffering inside?

How about a Billion?!

What if we were able to identify and heal the pain, trauma, and limitations that hold people back from

being their fullest selves?

If freed from that pain...

what would they do?

What might they teach, share and

create in the world?

How many free, happy brains might put things into our world

that make YOUR life even better?

Everyone deserves a happy healthy brain!

We made Brain to remind you that no matter what:

You are NOT broken.

And you are NOT your brain.

You have a happy, unique brain inside, just waiting to come out and play.

See Brain in all 360 degress of glory!

See Brain in all 2144.7 in3* of glory!

Every inch of Brain is designed, and independent lab-tested for absolute maximum outputs of: a) "Adorbs!" b) "Awwws!" c) "Hes-so-squishys!" d) "WTFisthats?"


50% of Brain's Profits go to support mental health research & educational programming.

100% FREE Shipping for a limited time!

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*Volume Measurements are approximate (sort of made up). I just couldn't be bothered to deliver more than a cursory Googling of the formula for the volume of sphere. Okay?

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