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Since we launched Your Pet Brain in December 2020, we've witnessed some incredible things...

Your Pet Brain Co-Founders Mike Cline and Aydika James
Your Pet Brain Co-Founders / brainiacs / goofballs, Mike Cline and Aydika James.

Dear Pet Brain Owner,

First, thank you so much for supporting Your Pet Brain! You might not know it, but you're helping us do some awesome things within the mental health community. It means so much to us.

Since we launched Your Pet Brain over the last few months, something really cool and exciting has been happening.

We're seeing two big phenomenon:

  1. People openly sharing their personal stories and challenges on our social media threads, and forming a family of Pet Brain owners who are engaging through the concept of Brain.

  2. The OTHER is people writing in to ask us how they can help, by SPONSORING a brain to someone who needs it.

People are genuinely amazing, and it's our dream come true to know that we're filling a major need.

And while we would love, and strive towards a "Buy-One-Give-One" model, we're a new... small... self-funded... This is our passion project. We're literally putting everything we have into it.

So here's what we're offering:

I'd love for you to think about if there's someone in your OWN life or community whose brain could use a hug - and if so, we want to make it easy for you to purchase another pet brain for them quick and easy.

OR, consider SPONSORING a pet brain for someone out there you don't know... and let US do the legwork of connecting that pet brain through our networks and social media, with the person who needs it most right now.

And believe me, there's a lot of need.

Here are just a few examples!

Due to their sensitive nature, some names and information may have been changed to protect their privacy.

Dawn D. Your Pet Brain Hi. I am a brain tumor survivor. I have had two brain surgeries, so far. They had to take my forehead off and reattached it with screws!! I also have a degree in psychology. I guess you could say I have been obsessed with brains for a long time. lol My experience with the tumor and surgeries has made me a very different person. I can't work, or drive. But I can hug. I can love. I can laugh and with a Pet Brain of my own I can spread love and laughter in my little world. I think having a Pet Brain would also remind me to love my brain for all it can still do, not just the pain and loss I feel.

Erin B. Your Pet Brain I would absolutely love a pet brain. As someone who's recently diagnosed with bipolar depression and going through the death of both of my parents (non-covid) 2 weeks apart in Oct, I have been learning so much about my brain. I'm learning why I have done things in the past, why I do what I do, and learning to accept my brain for how it works. It's all so fascinating and terrifying at the same time. But I feel like a pet brain would be helpful to remind me that I am okay, that brain is the way it is and I am helping it but also how to appreciate my brain for who she is!

Shannon T. I have my own pet brain, Hamelet, but I would gift this one to my Mayor, Mayor Katie Rosenberg . Not only is she an awesome individual but she has a collection of unusual gifts from people (such as a rubber chicken, screaming goat, etc ??). Finally I know politics can be stressful. Hopefully it would remind her that as long as her heart (and brain!) work from a place of love, she will continue to accomplish great things.

Cheyenne C. Woo!!! I am undergoing a redo craniotomy on Wednesday, Feb. 24th, (awake brain surgery) and I am convinced that the neurosurgeon that will be operating on me needs a Pet Brain in his office for when he sees his clients!

Kwakwalwa will be joining me post surgery for some photo shoots in the recovery room!

Rebecca Q. I am the project director for the North Dakota Brain Injury Network and I would love a pet brain to help us raise awareness about how important our brains are and the need to protect them from injury.

Cissy Jo S. If I win, this will have a place in my therapy office to help kids and adults who need to cuddle a brain.

Mandi L. Hi guys! I'd love a pet brain! It's really cool how you are helping so many heal their brains. I'm in EMDR therapy which is helping me heal my brain. I have cptsd and panic disorder-from major childhood trauma. I live in over 20 foster homes and group homes growing up. I'm so glad I survived all the things that I've been through, and now I'm thriving...healing is a lifelong journey, and for me, forgiveness has been key in my healing; forgiving those who've hurt me. There's so many levels to that though-as you may know. Healing is hard work, but it's been so worth it. Bless you guys! This little pet brain will be a great way to share how important mental health is, with others.

We've made all of this support super easy to do right here. All you have to do is click "Yes" below. And we'll get any shipping, or sponsoring options on the next page. Quick and easy!

We believe kindness and humor are the antidote to fear... and once we can move from being afraid of each other to celebrating each other... I KNOW our whole planet will shift in a new direction.

So, if you have the resources, I hope you'll consider sharing another brain with one more person on our march to a million brains hugged!

And either way: Don't ever stop doing and being YOUR unique and wonderful YOU.

Even though we haven't met - I PROMISE:
YOU are an important part of Team Human, with so many unique gifts to offer all of us in a way only YOU can.


Thank you so much for purchasing your own pet brain, and if you're able, I hope you click below to add one more brain to our million brains hugged!

Yours in neural nurturing,

Aydika James
Co-Founder of Your Pet Brain

Give Someone's brain a HUG today!

YES! I'd love to give a brain!

After checkout you'll be able to choose whether to send it to someone you know, or sponsor one for a someone in need: